Nanoflex Lighting Limited

For stream-lining business focus, Nanoflex Limited transferred ALL its business on Nanoflex® illumination technology to Nanoflex Lighting Limited with effect from 1st June 2019.Nanoflex Lighting Limited will continue further the development and engineering of Nanoflex® illumination technology from the foundation created by Nanoflex Limited with innovations and products to service our customers.

A Private Limited Liability Company
  • Established in 2008 in Hong Kong with regional & international client base.

6 Years of Optical Engineering & Research
  • Research, Development, Trials, Measurements with LightLabs of Philips, Peking University, HKUST, California Lighting Technology Centre, Philips Lighting B. V & others

Specialises in Illumination for Built Environment
  • Nanoflex® optical coating development & engineering for fixtures and components for lighting & building materials industries.

Focus on Energy Efficiency & Human Element
  • Solution based approach to enhance efficiencies of lighting fixtures & luminaire.

  • Solution based approach to built environment illumination projects.

  • Focus on visual comfort in workplace built environment for better productivity.

Merit Award
Building Product Category

Nanoflex® Indirect Luminaire

At the heart of our lighting and illumination solutions lies our proprietary Nanoflex® optical technology. Complement with optical design innovation, this combination brings energy efficiency and quality lighting to a new frontier that will lead to better lighting quality and energy efficiency for Built Environment Illumination.

Whilst a Nanoflex® powered Luminaire may look similar in appearance to a typical lighting fixture, its superior optical performance and meticulous construction to safety and durability makes it an industry leader energy efficiency performance, lighting quality, safety, and durability.

Nanoflex® powered Indirect Luminaire became the only lighting product that was amongst the winners in Products Category at the biennial Hong Kong Green Building Award 2012 - Towards Zero Carbon!

Our Nanoflex® powered products are built to withstand the most stringent requirement for indoor and outdoor environment. They are engineered to meet standards for safety, robustness, while meeting environmental guidelines and building material codes.

Quality Illumination with Energy Efficiency


Energy Efficient Luminaire & Systems

A unique feature of our luminaire and system is its ability to minimize luminance wastage with Lambertian (perfect diffusion) reflective characteristic. This allows Nanoflex® powered luminaire to reflect uniquely wide luminous distribution regardless of whether LED, fluorescent, induction or incandescent light source.

This unique reflective characteristics also means less fixtures are needed to achieve the required brightness, making Nanoflex® powered luminaire cost effective with lower capital outlay, and consume less lighting energy for required brightness.

The volumetric brightness also reduce specular glare that are common amongst gloss or polished reflective luminaire, allowing Nanoflex® powered luminaire to deliver soft and glare free brightness with better and wider light distribution (below) so critical in today’s built environment, and conducive for prolonged productivity in workplaces, educational and healthcare facilities.

2 x 14w T5
2 x 18w CFL

Complementing appropriate controls for adaptive lighting, Nanoflex® powered luminaire and system will bring lighting energy efficiency into a new level.

Optical Panels

Complementing our energy efficient luminaire and systems are our optical panels for ceiling and walls. These panels enhance brightness ranging from 10% to 50% within a Built Environment, allowing lighting power consumption to reduce by the same amount when installed in complement with appropriate control systems and measures.

The unique feature of these panels are their ability to reflect light in a manner similar to the natural atmosphere reflecting and diffusing sunlight, thus raising the overall brightness in the given space in a uniform and glare free manner.

Following are Dialux illustrations comparing built environment lighting quality with regular ceiling panels and Nanoflex® ceiling panels.

Designed to meet energy and quality performance standards for green building illumination, Nanoflex® powered optical panels will give you the illumination advantage for green building accreditation requirements.


Taikoo Place Redevelopment
Nanoflex® Solution for Commercial Offices

  • NFX-ID-606-2-AS

  • T5 2 x 13W (14W)

  • T5 3 x 13W (14W)


704-730 King’s Road
Nanoflex® Solution for Commercial Offices

  • NFX-LED-612


Hysan Place Certified LEED Platinum
Nanoflex® Solution for Commercial Offices

  • NFX-ID-612-2 T5 2x28W


Hong Kong Jockey Club - SCTC
Nanoflex® Solution for Commercial Offices

  • NFX-ID-612-2-AS T5 2 x 28W

  • NFX-ID-606-2-AS T5 2 x 14W


Kerry Shanghai Jing An LEED GOLD
Nanoflex® Solution for Commercial Offices

  • NFX-ID-412-2AS


3 Macdonnell Road

  • Cove Light LinearLED Strip 2700K, IP68

  • Balcony downlightR3B0104 dia 95mm, 7W

  • Flood lightMA200200W, 26000lm

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